Hi, I'm Baylyn!

I love cats, the beach, and sunny weather! My favorite things to do are bake, read young adult fiction, and watch Army Wives with my mom. I live in New Jersey and play goalie for the NJ Colonials and Bernards High School teams.

My ideal day would be spent on the beach in Montauk, where I'd Boogie-Board big waves all morning and afternoon before heading to a restaurant where I'd order my favorite meal, a cheddar-bacon cheeseburger, and then read with my mom until one in the morning before passing out, listening to the sound of crickets chirping in the hot summer air.

Just because I'm a tough hockey player doesn't mean I can't be a princess, too! I'm always down for a French manicure or a fresh set of highlights. Since I was a little girl, I've LOVED dressing up, whether it be in a sequin-studded dress or a big poofy skirt. Even on the ice, I like to stay glamorous, as there have been multiple sightings of red, white, and blue ribbons peeking out of my helmet during games :)

My family is deeply rooted in our ancestry, especially my mother. She is a proud Norwegian and is always sharing with me Norwegian rituals or family stories. She and I like to joke around that our being Norwegian is why we love ice rinks so much :) I am very excited for when I can finally visit the beautiful country that holds so much of my history!

In addition to nurturing my love of Norway, my mother has also nurtured my love for animals. While I am an all-around animal-lover, cats hold a soft space in my heart. My family has housed 9 total baby kittens, old cats, and foster kittens. And like parents are not supposed to have favorite children, cat mommies are not supposed to have favorite cats. But I do anyway, shhh.

My favorite furbaby was Comet (pictured far left). While I was at school, he would wait for me by the window and run to the door when he saw the car pulling in the driveway and, sit with me while I would do my homework, prowl around the dinner table for crumbs, and cuddle with me in bed all night. We had a lot in common: adventurous personalities, love of food, and wild hair/fur. He sadly passed away in February 2020. I miss him a lot but am comforted by the fact that his ashes are on my bedside table, right near where he used to sleep at night. And I am lucky because we still have his sister, Lilac (pictured far right), who is alive and well, and whom I have recently grown my bond with :)

Email me at baylynshankman@gmail.com!